[1] A. Garnache, M. Myara, A. Laurain, A. Bouchier, J. .-P. Perez, P. Signoret, I. Sagnes, and D. Romanini, "Single Frequency Free-Runing Low-Noise Compact Extended-Cavity Semiconductor laser at High Power Level," in Proc. Proceeding of International Conference on Space Optics (ICSO), Oct. 2008.

Abstract : We present a highly coherent semiconductor laser device formed by a ½-VCSEL structure and an external concave mirror in a millimetre high finesse stable cavity. The quantum well structure is diode-pumped by a commercial single mode GaAs laser diode system. This free running low noise tunable single-frequency laser exhibits >50mW output power in a low divergent circular TEM beam with a spectral linewidth below 1kHz and a relative intensity noise close to the quantum limit. This approach ensures, with a compact design, homogeneous gain behaviour and a sufficiently long photon lifetime to reach the oscillation-relaxation-free class-A regime, with a cut off frequency around 10MHz.

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