[1] B. Cocquelin, D. Holleville, G. Lucas-Leclin, I. Sagnes, A. Garnache, M. Myara, and P. Georges, "Tunable single-frequency operation of a diode-pumped vertical external-cavity laser at the cesium D2 line," Applied Physics B, Oct. 2008.

Abstract : We report on a diode-pumped vertical externalcavity surface-emitting laser emitting around 852 nm for Cesium atomic clocks experiments. We have designed a 7-quantum-well semiconductor structure optimized for low laser threshold. An output power of 330 mW was achieved for 1.1 W of incident pump power. Furthermore, a compact setup was built for low-power single-frequency emission. We obtained an output power of 17 mW in a single longitudinal mode, exhibiting both broad (9 nm) and continuous (14 GHz) tunability around the Cesium D2 line. The laser frequency has been stabilized on an atomic transition with residual frequency fluctuations ∼300 kHz. Through a beatnote experiment the −3 dB laser linewidth has been measured to <500 kHz over 10 ms.

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