[1] A. Laurain, M. Myara, G.Beaudoin, I. Sagnes, and A. Garnache, "High power single--frequency continuously--tunable compact extended--cavity semiconductor laser," Optics Express, vol. 17, iss. 12, pp. 9503–9508, June 2009.

Abstract : We demonstrate high power high efficiency (0.3 W) low noise single frequency operation of a compact extended–cavity surface–emitting–semiconductor–laser exhibiting a continuous tunability over 0:84 THz with high beam quality. We took advantage of thermal lens–based stability to develop a short (< 3 mm) plano–plano external cavity without any intracavity filter. The structure is optically pumped by a 1W commercial 830 nm multimode diode laser. No heat management was required. We measured a low divergence circular TEM00 beam at the diffraction limit (M^2 < 1:05) with a linear light polarization (> 37 dB). The side mode suppression ratio is 60 dB. The free running laser linewidth is 850 kHz limited by pump induced thermal fluctuations. Thanks to this high-Q external cavity approach, the frequency noise is low and the dynamics is in the relaxation-oscillation-free regime, exhibiting a low intensity noise, with a cutoff frequency » 250MHz above which the shot noise level is reached. We show that pump properties define the cavity design and laser coherence.

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