, by Arnaud Garnache, Mikhael Myara

The following picture is a time-line of the main contracts that support or supported the VeCSEL project at IES. It shows the project duration, the funds obtained for IES and the involved partners for each project.

Fundings since 2006 for the VeCSEL@IES research project.

The VeCSEL project is supported by many past and present research and industrial contracts, among which :

  • ANR Mirev : project Mirev was an ANR research projet concerning the development of mid-infrared VeCSELs for gaz analysis. The main achievements obtained in the frame of this project was the demonstration of a 2.3 µm single frequency broadly tunable VeCSEL and of a high sensitivity gas analyser based on a cavity-enhanced-absorption-spectroscopy based optical system in collaboration with LiPHY.
  • ANR Natif is dedicated to the study and reduction of the noise in semiconductor state-of-the-art lasers (such as Quantum Dots nanolasers developed at LPN), including VeCSELs. In the frame of this project, a multiwatt diffraction-limited narrow-linewidth low-noise VeCSEL was demonstrated.
  • ANR Micphir : this project aims at reinforcing the highly coherent eigenstate of the light emitted by the VeCSEL, by inserting intra-cavity elements (such as polarized mirror, photonic-crystal output coupler, ...) by means of semiconductor technology.