2nd Workshop VeCSEL 2013

, by Mikhael Myara

15-17 October
University of Montpellier 2, 34095 Montpellier France


This second European workshop will last 3 days, with invited tutorials in selected topics, selected oral presentations, poster sessions, exhibitors, working meeting, lab tour, social event.

This European workshop aims to bring together relevant academics and companies working in the field of Vertical-External-Cavity-Surface-Emitting-Laser for Photonic Applications (agro- environment, security, metrology, inertial sensor, Atmospheric physics, lidar...), to present and discuss the research advances and technological breakthroughs in this new field. This workshop is open to young researchers (PhD student, postdoc). Young researchers are warmly encouraged to submit their work.

The workshop covers all topics related to Vertical-External-Cavity-Surface-Emitting-Laser and its photonic applications. Both academic and industrial participants are welcome :

  • Design, Growth, Technology, and High Power
  • Spectral coverage and Non-linear conversion
  • Modelocking & Frequency Combs
  • Noise, Coherence and fundamental properties
  • New concepts
  • Fundamental and industrial applications}

This event is sponsored by the CNRS RENATECH, SFO, EOS, IES, UM2, OPTITEC, ANR.

Invited Speakers (Tutorials)

  • G. Springholz (ISP Linz, AT) "IV-VI/II-VI semicondutor emitter"
  • G. Scalari (ETH Zurich, CH) "THz quantum cascade lasers"
  • C. Saraceno (ETH Zurich & Univ. of Neuchâtel) "fs SESAM modelocked thin disk laser"
  • V. Pasiskevicius (KTH, SE) "Novel nonlinear materials & frequency control for lasers"
  • P. Gallion (ENST CNRS, F) "Non-linearity & noise in semiconductor lasers"
  • S. Balle Monjo (IMEA CSIC-UIB, ES) "Light-polarization dynamics in surface-emitting semiconductor lasers"
  • N. Passilly (FEMTO ST, F) "Miniature atomic clocks with VCSEL &
  • D. Romanini (LiPHY, UJF Grenoble, F) "High sensitivity CRDS & CEAS Spectroscopy for gas analysis with semiconductor lasers"

Workshop Committees

Organization Committee:

Scientific Committee:

  • Dr Stephane Calvez, (LAAS CNRS Toulouse, F),
  • Dr Gilles Feugnet (THALES TRT Palaiseau, F),
  • Dr Arnaud Garnache (IES),
  • Dr Jennifer Hastie (IOP Strathclyde, UK),
  • Dr Gaelle Lucas-Leclin (IOGS CNRS Palaiseau, F),
  • Dr Isabelle Sagnes (LPN CNRS Marcoussis, F),
  • Dr Alexei Sirbu (EPFL, Lausanne CH),
  • Pr Anne Tropper (University of Southampton, UK),
  • H. Zogg (ETH, Zurich, CH)

Abstracts / Proceeding
The Workshop proceeding can be downloaded here :

Proceedings of 2nd Workshop VeCSEL (2013)


Innoptics is a start-up located near Bordeaux that specializes in the packaging of optoelectronic components. With a broad expertise in product design (optics, mechanics, thermal behavior, RF,...) and in process development, Innoptics focuses on 3 areas of development :
- design and manufacturing of customized optoelectronic components
- high power laser sources for polymer welding, based on a robust and innovative laser architecture
- single frequency laser sources based on VECSEL technology, targeting applications such as scientific instrumentation, seed lasers, LIDAR or gas analysis
Resolution Spectra Systems offers Ultra-high Resolution Spectrometers (typ. 0.005 nm) in the visible and near-infrared range dedicated to laser characterization. Based on SWIFTS™ technology, these innovative spectrometers are easy-to-use, cost-effective and provide an excellent absolute accuracy with a very robust calibration and high-rate capabilities. This is a key tool for tuning control, operating point search and spectral mapping of laser diode, VCSEL and tunable laser, either single or multimode.

Workshop Partners