, by Mikhael Myara


17-18 October

University of Montpellier 2, 34095 Montpellier France

This first European workshop aims to bring together relevant academics and companies working in the field of Vertical-External-Cavity-Surface-Emitting-Laser for Photonic Applications (agro- environment, security, metrology, inertial sensor, Atmospheric physics, lidar...), to present and discuss the research advances and technological breakthroughs in this new field. This workshop is open to young researchers (PhD student, postdoc).

The workshop covers all topics related to Vertical-External-Cavity-Surface-Emitting-Laser and its photonic applications. Both academic and industrial participants are welcome :

  • Design, Growth, Technology, and High Power
  • Spectral coverage and Non-linear conversion
  • Modelocking & Frequency Combs
  • Noise, Coherence and fundamental properties
  • New concepts
  • Fundamental and industrial applications

Invited speakers

  • P. Gerlach (Ulm-photonics, DE) "Power VCSELs for Illumination Applications"
  • A. Michon (CNRS-CRHEA, F) "Technology for TEM00 large diameter electrically pumped VeCSEL devices on electroplated gold substrate"
  • B. Heinen (Univ. Marburg , DE) "Continuous wave VECSELs with output powers exceeding 100W"
  • A. Harkonen (ORC Tampere, FI) "Yellow-orange and 2µm VeCSELs"
  • M. Rattunde (IAF Fraunhofer, DE) "Power scaling and narrow linewidth operation of GaSb-based 2.X µm VECSEL"
  • K. Wilcox (University of Southampton, UK) "Towards VECSEL driven frequency combs"
  • M. Myara (IES, F) "Noise Properties of NIR and MIR VECSELs"
  • M. Alouini (Institut de Physique Rennes, F) "VECSELs for microwave photonics in Radars : single-frequency, dual frequency and mode-locked low noise operation"
  • J. Frougier (UMP CNRS THALES, F) "Towards control of light polarization using electron spin in VeCSEL"
  • O. Mhibik (CNRS Universite Paris 13, F) "Vertical External Cavity Surface-emitting Organic Laser"
  • P. Cermak (PhLAM Lille, F) "High sensitivity spectroscopy with the 2.3 um VECSEL"
  • G. Feugnet (THALES TRT, F) "Single-frequency external-cavity semiconductor disk ring-laser gyroscope"
  • F. A. Camargot (Institut d’Optique, F) "Dual frequency VECSEL at 852 nm for coherent population trapping cesium atomic clocks"


You can download the final abstracts here:

Proceedings of 1st Workshop VeCSEL (2012)

Workshop Comittees

Organization Committee:

Scientific Committee:

  • Dr Ghaya Baili (THALES TRT Palaiseau F)
  • Dr Ryad Bendoula (IRSTEA-CEMAGREF Montpellier F)
  • Dr Stephane Calvez, (IOP Strathclyde UK)
  • Dr Arnaud Garnache (IES CNRS Montpellier F)
  • Ingineer Vincent Lecocq (INNOPTICS)
  • Dr Gaelle Lucas-Leclin (IOGS CNRS Palaiseau F)
  • Dr Isabelle Sagnes (LPN CNRS Marcoussis F)
  • Dr Sylvain Schwartz (THALES TRT Palaiseau F)
  • Pr Anne Tropper (University of Southampton, UK)