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The team offers PhD position across the full range of its research, and welcomes enquiries at any time: you may contact the research team leader directly.

Subject #1 : Bio-photonic sensor and THz source based on a nanostructure laser exhibiting exotic photon state : VORTEX
Contact the research team leader Arnaud Garnache.

Our Institute (Institute of Electronics & Systems, Photonic and waves department – University Montpellier) is a world leader in the field of highly coherent III-V surface emitting semiconductor laser (VCSEL) for applications to low noise photonic sensors and coherent THz sources.
The goals of this PhD work are the conception, fabrication, and physical study of a new high power single frequency laser device exhibiting a high coherence exotic beam, patented by our laboratory, in order to develop advanced sensors and THz sources. It exhibits in addition to a classical “mechanical” linear momentum, an orbital angular momentum (optical VORTEX) at one photon level, and a possible dual-frequency operation. To generate such a laser beam, this device will take advantage of air-gap VCSEL technology, integrating a new photonic-crystal based mirror, in order to "shape" the exotic photon state. Indeed these photonic-crystal based nanostructures allow enhancing light-matter interaction, combined with integration. The goal is to develop a speed sensor and optical tweezers for bio-photonics, and coherent THz sources based on agile dual-frequency light emitters.
To develop this device, the PhD student will work on the modelization (FDTD, finite element simulations), III-V technology fabrication (lithography, evaporation, etching) and photonic crystal based VCSEL structure characterizations. While the photonic device will be mature, the PhD student will work on the physical study and modelization of the optical and thermal properties of coherent laser emission, to target applications. A lab prototype (as the case may be an industrial one) will be developed for application to speed sensors and optical tweezers, and to coherent THz sources.
This project deals with technology, modelization and physical study, and also with applications.
This work will be carried out in collaboration with several academic institutes (IOGS Bordeaux, LPN Marcoussis, CBS Univ.Montpellier, LOMA Univ. Bordeaux, IMEP-LAHC Grenoble INP) and a company (INNOPTICS).

Keywords: Photonic sensor, Semiconductor Laser, Optics, Bio-photonics, Optical tweezers, THz

Subject #2 : Laser Ranging by means of III-V NIR higly coherent source for agro-environment : development and study for technology transfer
Contact Mikhaël Myara for more informations.
IES is a world leader for many years in the III-V semiconductor lasers field of VECSEL type, whose high spatial and temporal coherence properties, married to power and versatility, have been demonstrated in the laboratory. These compact laser source technology is now mature for a technology transfer with a company (Innoptics Inc.), in the context of a project funded by the SATT AxLR.
These VECSEL sources also have the particularity to generate unconventional coherent beams with exotic properties, either spatially or temporally or in polarization. In this field, we have recently demonstrated generation of high order beams (including optical Vortex), coherent wide spectrum emission (also called modeless laser) .... These results define the state of the art in this field.
During this thesis, we will exploit these new coherent light states for long range laser telemetry applications, including optical feedback configurations, to achieve high sensitivity, self-aligned and compact sensors. The range of applications is wide: anemometry, particle size, high resolution and long distance telemetry, etc.
This work deals with fundamental and exploratory research about non-conventional coherent states, in order to develop these sensors and carry multi-physical study and together with optimization of the laser for the targeted applications. It is also an applied work due to itsapplication potential for an industrial transfer.
This subject requires both optoelectronic and optical / laser skills, but also abilities in signal processing (digital and analog) for metrology and sensor features.