VeCSEL Integration & Packaging

, by Arnaud Garnache, Mikhael Myara

Because a first generation of high performance VeCSELs is now mature at IES, we started in the frame of the ANR project "MICPHIR" and ANRT CIFRE, an activity concerning the integration and packaging with the Innoptics company. We work on integration in a small package of the diode-pumped VeCSEL technology developed at IES, integrating all elements (pump, micro-optics, 1/2 VCSEL, output coupler) in order to obtain a rugged laser with advanced performances concerning optical power, beam quality, linewidth and tunability. In a first step, this work will lead to 1 µm and 2.3µm integrated prototypes demonstration.

Here follows a view of the first module, more informations will be available soon on the Innoptics Company Website.