Future Prospects : to the control of New Coherent States

, by Arnaud Garnache

Our research efforts are focused on two main tasks :

  • improving the single-frequency TEM00 regime of the VeCSEL for new photonic applications
  • generating new light states by means of the VeCSEL technology

For this purpose, we investigate the following lines :

  • new electrically pumped VeCSELs in order to improve the laser compacity
  • new high power higly coherent optically pumped VeCSELs, with reinforced control of the light state by means of plasmons, photonic cristals, ...
  • new light states without longitudinal modes for broadband continuum coherent laser emission
  • new VeCSEL based sensor for telemetry, gas detection, granulometry ... targeting agro-environment applications
  • new VeCSEL beam with angular momentum : VORTEX beam
  • new VeCSEL for spintronic applications, THz applications