The VeCSEL project involves both academic and industrial partners, constituting a national framework which contributes to the VeCSELs improvements, from very fundamental physical points to industrial applications.
These partners are :


The "Laboratoire de Photonique et des Nanostructures" (LPN-CNRS-UPR20) is a long-time contributor in the development of VeCSELs, especially for growing GaAs structures for emission at 1µm and for semiconductor technology and expertise. We specifically work with Isabelle Sagnes and Alexios Beveratos.


The "Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire de Physique" (LIPhy-UMR5588) is a key contributor in the applications of VeCSELs to Trace Gaz Analyses thanks to Daniele Romanini. Today, the collaboration with this laboratory is extended to the development of new kinds of lasers for non-standard coherent states such as Vortex beams or modeless emission mainly with Hugues de Chatelus and Eric Lacot.


The "Laboratoire Aimé Cotton" (UPR-NRS-3321) plays a part in the study of VeCSELs concerning mainly the noise properties in single and two-frequencies configurations for microwave applications. This research is headed by Fabien Bretenaker at LAC.


The "Laboratoire Charles Fabry" (LCFIO-UMR8501) works on the improvement of the VeCSEL performance and on the use of VeCSELs for fundamental physics applications. One side of this work, explored by Gaëlle Lucas-Leclin and Patrick Georges, consists in developing narrow linewidth high power 850nm VeCSELs targeting atomic-clock applications. Another research purpose is developed by Philippe Lalane and consists in designing a specific low-loss diffractive external semiconductor mirror for re-inforcing the coherent state emitted by the VeCSEL.


"Thales Research and Technology" works with VeCSELs for various applications, such as the design of VeCSEL-based Gyrolasers (Gilles Feugnet and Sylvain Schwartz), or for highly coherent single-frequency emission and two-frequencies emission (Loïc Morvan), mainly for telecommunication applications.


At the "Informations et Technologies pour les Agro-Procedes" (UMR of the IRSTEA (Institut national de recherche en sciences et technologies pour l’environnement et l’agriculture) , Ryad Bendoula works on VeCSEL-based optical solutions for sensors dedicated to agriculture and environment.


Innoptics is a private company which develops the technology necessary to package and integrate a fully operationnal high performance VeCSEL.


Ecostrategie is a french private company, specialised in CSR oriented business consulting that helps in building research projects.